Bring your mum along for a heartwarming Chai this Saturday Afternoon... May 05 2015, 0 Comments

Saturday 9th May 3.30pm

Chai Walli is hand crafted in Melbourne by the lovely Uppma, using 11 of the finest quality spices. The signature Chai Walli  blend is available as caffeine free and also as a mixed black tea alternative. Uppma uses Ayurvedic principles to proportion the spices to create the most perfectly balanced chai. 

chai walli / che-eye wah-lee / noun
An Indian term given to a female chai maker

This Saturday May 9th we'll be holding a tasting event with Chai Walli starting at 3.30pm so bring your mum along for a heartwarming Chai and browse Melbournalia's local wares for a last minute Mother's Day gift. The weather is shaping up to be around 18 degrees- perfect Chai sipping weather!