A Day in Town May 03 2018, 0 Comments

Who remembers their trips to "Town" as a child? It was so exciting, such a sense of occasion to have your hair brushed, shoes shined, make sure you have a clean hankie of course and set off with mum (or dad, or both) on a day trip into the city. Was it a choc top at the "pictures", lunch at Coles Cafeteria or running your hands up and down the water wall at the NGV that you liked the most?
Harper and Charlie Flinders St Station Melbourne

Oh, all right, maybe you're too young to have had the shiny shoes, clean hankie and the Traffic Light Jelly at Coles routine, and your movie may have been Harry Potter or Babe rather than The Sound of Music or even Star Wars...but we're sure you wore your best sneakers and that you'll recall the excitement of passing under the clocks at Flinders Street Station, the gateway to the big city, or even glimpsing the grand old landmark passing by on the tram or from the old Princes Bridge exit!

What's your favourite memory of "A day in Town"?