Australian Bird Emblem Porcelain Plate


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Contemporary Australian design meets traditional Japanese Arita porcelain craftsmanship with Skimming Stone's collection of Australian bird plates. Each bird represents a state of Australia.

Black Swan
Nomadic and monogamous, the Black Swan is widely referenced in Australian culture, whilst holding spiritual significance in the traditional histories of many Aboriginal people across Southern Australia. The Black Swan is the state emblem for Western Australia. They were introduced into Europe in the late 1800s as ornamental birds.

Helmeted Honeyeater
A critically endangered bird with a distinct yellow 'helmet', the Helmeted Honeyeater exists in the wild only in Victoria, and in dwindling numbers despite great lengths being taken to bring them back from the brink of extinction. These little beauties are Victoria's state emblem. 

Gang-Gang Cockatoo
Seen in mostly Alpine regions of Australia, Gang-Gangs are rather small for cockatoos. The male has a red head contrasted with grey body. Their call is said to resemble a creaky gate or a wine bottle being opened. These beautiful birds are the state emblem for the ACT.

Laughing Kookaburra
The largest member of the kingfisher family, kookaburras are reknowned for their call that resembles an echoeing human laugh. Kookaburras can be seen in a wide variety of environments and they are the bird emblem for NSW. The name comes from Wiradhuri, a traditional Aboriginal language. 


Piping Shrike

Wedge Tailed Eagle

Yellow Wattlebird

Dimensions (mm): 150 (diameter)

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