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Aussies who live anywhere near the bush will be familiar with the chorus of kookaburra calls that greet each dawn. Waking to hear the burbling of currawongs and the laugh of kookaburras is, for many of us, a deeply comforting and familiar sound.

According to an Aboriginal legend, the kookaburra’s morning laughter is a signal for the sky people to light the great fire that illuminates the earth by day.

While the kookaburra is not endangered, deforestation has led our beloved laughing bird to live an increasingly urban life. The kookaburra that currently lives in Australian backyards may one day become a privilege to see in the wild. 


Complementing contemporary Australian design with traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Skimming Stones' porcelain plates are  designed in Melbourne and produced in collaboration with the 400-year-tradition of master artisans in Arita, Japan. These plates are a beautiful symbol of Melbourne's international demographic, and local eye for design.

Each Skimming Stones plate is individually packaged in an exquisitely considered, jewellery-quality presentation box. Every plate includes an insert describing the history and significance of the item's design. Skimming stones plates are a lightweight and practical size - perfect for display or for serving - and an ideal solution for gifts that require posting or packing. 

Material(s): Cobalt glaze on genuine Arita porcelain. 

Dimensions (cm): 15 (diameter).

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