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"The beginning of Rice Paper Scrs is worth noting because as usual, we winged it. Made it all up and just went for it.

That's true in many ways except for the food, which both of us had been playing and toying with recipes for many years before we opened. Those poor restaurants we worked for, those empty nights at someone else's place where we'd conceive the recipes that unwittingly became the signature dishes at rice paper scissors. Honing and perfecting using the unsuspecting customers as our guinea pigs. It was so much fun.

Then there was our somewhat infamous and impromptu dinner parties at friend's flats and houses. We'd spend the morning combing the stores and markets of Victoria Street, Melbourne, searching out ingredients that we had no idea what they were or what they were used for, and take them back to an unsuspecting host - who would be equally in awe and trepidation of what was to ensue. We'd lay out the array of exotic goods, then decide the combinations that our test pilot friends would then have to eat (it was mandatory!), deliberately pushing the limits to see what worked and what didn't. Some of it was terrible, but thankfully, most of it worked!

To this day, many of those same creations are on the menu now at rice paper scissors.

It is no understatement as to how instrumental those wild dinners were and how they contributed to the concepts of community and sharing - much like my inspiration - the families and food of Southeast Asia." Prologue


Format: HardcoverLanguage: English
Pages: 191
Dimensions (cm): 25 x 25 
Weight (kg): 1    

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