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Aussie Slang Magnet


Ships in 2-3 weeks

Australian made fridge magnet featuring famous Aussie Slang words.

You Beauty
Excellent, Very Good.
Exclamation showing approval, often spelt as bewdy (to represent Australian pronunciation). In use since the 1850s.

Fair Dinkum
Fair or true.
To proclaim a fact or truth in a statement. Often used by itseff as a rhetorical question to express astonishment verging on disbelief.

Excellent, Very Good.
It is an expression of approval or one used as a generally positive reaction

No Worries
You're welcome; no problem; that's alright; expression of forgiveness or reassurance.
Represents feelings of friendliness, good humour, optimism and "mateship" in Australian culture.

Too Right
Definitely, that's correct.
An exclamation meaning 'I agree'.

Good Onya
Term of approval, sometimes ironic.
Can be used as a genuine congratulatory expression but is also used in a snide or sarcastic way in response to someone or something particularly foolish or irritating.

Dimensions (mm): 54 high x 80 wide
(Card backing) 95 high x 130 wide 

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