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Have a loved one who could do with some special treatment? Try the thoughtful gift of 'time-out' with our Local Relax Pack, featuring Chai Walli's award winning Chai blend, and a beautiful and useful Eyemask from Wheatbags Love. 

Regular (11 Spice) Chai:

Quite simply, this is the best chai tea in Melbourne and a tribute to the international flavour of our beloved hospitality scene! 

Chai Walli teas are directly sourced from small batch organic and fair trade tea gardens in the Assam Valley of India. They are driven to ensure all their suppliers are transparent to align with Chai Walli's ethical values. Chai Walli takes great pride in sharing the highest grade of single origin Indian teas.

Chai Walli's signature blend is the most authentic chai on the market. It is made using only whole spices that are hand blended using traditional Indian practices; this means no liquids, no powders, no preservatives - just natural chai goodness.

Chai Walli's 11 Spice Blend contains exotic spices crushed and proportioned according to their strength and properties to achieve a perfect balance of flavours.

Ingredients: Anise, black tea, cardamom, carom seeds, cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, ginger, mace, rooibos, roses and star aniseed.

Size: 100 grams / approx. equal to 25 serves of chai

Wheatbags Love Eyemask:

These eye masks are fabulous for blocking out pesky light on long haul flights, night shifts or just for a great night’s sleep! With fabric designed exclusively for Wheatbags Love featuring Australian botanicals they make a great gift for the light-sleeper or luxury-seeker in your life.

Dimensions (cm): 20 x 10 (elastic is 28cm long)

*Please note that because they're hand made, the exact cut of fabric on your eyemask will vary from that pictured.

 *This gift pack comes packaged in a Melbournalia gift bag.

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