24 Hours in the Life of Melbourne


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"Imagine a book that is shot on just one day from all over Melbourne where you interview as many people as possible and you have gorgeous photos inside but it's just from the one day".

That is a direct quote from my notes, it was written on the 25th of October, 2017. I knew straight away that it would be the concept behind my second book! The next six months became all about this one day. Somehow, I had the 6th of April penciled in from very early, and that's the day that this book was shot!

So it was on the 6th of April that I got up at 4am and went to the city to begin what would become an amazing adventure! I shot from sunrise to sunrise... 6.37am to 6.38am the following day and didn't sleep a wink. I met and interviewed 70 people and was able to capture some amazing photos. I was lucky enough that Melbourne's fickle weather played along and I had four seasons in the one day, which is perfect for a book about Melbourne!

Some of the stories I heard made me cry, some made me laugh. Many of the stories inspired me. I have also added in some interesting facts about the places I photographed. I learnt so much while writing this book and I am sure you will too when reading it!" - Chris Cincotta

200 page hardcover book

Size (cm): 29 x 25

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