Native Australian Baby Bird Pack


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Metalbird garden ornaments are a beautifully simple idea - laser cut steel silhouettes of native Australian birds that look absolutely stunning against a wide-open sky.

Metalbird designs can be tapped straight into a tree, fencepost or even the eaves of your home. If you're more of a nomad than a nester, they can be settled very happily in the edge of a potted plant, and look beautiful silhouetted against a window.

Made of Corten® Steel - a copper chromium alloy - your Metalbird is designed to rust quickly, offering a layer of protection that will last for decades. Metalbird is a 100 percent Australian-made company, based in Melbourne, with a community minded philosophy.  

The Baby Bird Pack includes a Kookaburra, Fantail and a Blue Wren - three of the most loved Metalbirds in a new mini size. Baby Bird packs can be gifted whole or distributed between three lucky recipients! 

Material(s): 3mm Corten® Steel - designed to rust and age beautifully over time.

Dimensions (cm): 9 x 8

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