Australian Bird Emblem Brooch


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Featuring the bird emblems for each Australian state, these brooches by Skimming Stones make a stunning souvenir that you can wear every day. The elegant and robust design of these brooches make them thoughtful gift or keepsake to mark a special occasion. 

Skimming Stones was established by Melburnians Tony and Yen in 2012, and is dedicated to making design-led products that are unique, meaningful and made to last. 

Black Swan: Nomadic and monogamous, this large waterbird is the official state emblem for Western Australia.

Gang-gang Cockatoo: Considered the most ancient variety of cockatoo, it is the bird emblem of the Australian Capital Territory

Helmeted Honeyeater: Critically endangered and Victoria's only endemic bird. 

Laughing Kookaburra: The largest member of the kingfisher family and the bird emblem of New South Wales.

Brolga: Non-migratory, the brolga occupies wetlands, reservoirs and lakes. Brolgas are the state emblem for Queensland.

Piping Shrike: Also known as the Magpie-lark, mudlark, or peewee, this character is the state emblem for South Australia.

Wedge Tailed Eagle: Australia's largest bird of prey and the state emblem for the Northern Territory.

Yellow Wattlebird: Australia's largest honeyeater and native to Tasmania.

Material(s): Metal and enamel pin with secure metal butterfly-clutch back. 

Dimensions (cm): Approximately 5 x 5 with some variability depending on design. 

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