Votive Candle


Ships in 2-3 weeks

Boxed votive candle made from 100% sustainable soy wax.

Vegan and cruelty free
Cotton, lead-free wick
Hand crafted perfume
36 hour burn time

Dimensions (cm): 8.5 (height) x 7 (diameter)

Weight: 340 grams

Grass and Clover
A blend of green and fresh notes of clover lawn and wisteria flowers combined with the herbal scent of a tomato vine. Particularly good as a kitchen candle, to freshen up the room.

Epice Doux
A blend of orange rind with warming chai spices of cinnamon, clove and peppercorn. A spicy and earthy candle that works nicely in the living room to bring a warm, ambient glow.

Bay Rum and Tobacco
Old-fashioned scent with notes of tobacco leaves, spices, rum, and a hint of smokiness. Ideal for evenings with low-light lounging.

A fresh scent that evokes flowering acacia and eucalyptus after the rain. Eucalyptus is belnded with flowers from Australian wattles trees to create a clean and crisp scent.

Sweet Smoke
Notes of honey and beeswax with woodsmoke and spice. For those that prefer spices to florals.

Notes of daffodil, lily of the valley and freshly cut grass. Smells like a a big cheery bunch of flowers!

Bonne Nuit
Violet petals mixed with earthy oakmoss and the sharpness of pink peppercorn. A delightful edition to the boudoir, this scent is powdery, peppery and a tad dark- very romantic!

Asleep in Clouds
Lemon zest combined with gardenia, jasmine and violet flowers. Evokes that fresh sheet feeling that we all love!

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