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The world's original - and very first - barista standard reusable cup! 

You might not know it, but Keep Cup are a part of the reason the reusable cup is even a thing! The Keep Cup story started when Jamie and Abigail Forsyth became concerned by the amount of waste their cafe produced. Embarking on a project to find a reusable travel cup for their customers to buy, they discovered that there really wasn't anything available that was reliable, sustainably made, designed to hold AND attractive, and decided to produce their own!

There is enough plastic lining in twenty disposable coffee cups to make one Keep Cup!

Founded in 2008, Keep Cup now produces a wide range of sizes, styles and colourways, and it has to be said - drinking from a cup made from tempered soda lime glass is a pleasure whether you're on the go or nestled down at your desk at home!

Features include:
- Splash-proof seal.
- A plug that covers the mouthpiece when not in use.
- Hard lid for ease of use.
- Durable- fully tempered soda-lime glass.


- Black: Classic Melbourne double-shot black / XSML 6oz, SML 8oz, MED 12oz*

- Spruce: Teal and navy blue / XSML 6oz
- Alder: black-grape purple and maroon / XSML 6oz

- Nitro: Shades of bluestone grey / XSML 6oz

- Hazel: Marshmallow pink and white / SML 8oz, MED 12oz

Material(s): 100 percent recyclable polypropylene lid, tempered soda lime glass cup, natural cork band.  


XSL 6oz / 177ml

SML 8oz / 227ml

MED 12oz / 340ml

* Not all colours are available in all sizes or varieties! Our best tip is to choose a size that will be most useful for you, and then browse the available colour varieties. 

* Handwash only. Cork is one of the most sustainable materials on earth: Harvested from trees, extremely hardwearing AND recyclable, but sadly, cork is not dishwasher safe. 



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