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Kester Black's Nail Care comes in two nourishing varieties: Rest and Repair Wonder Mask and the miracle-in-a-bottle that is Self Love Oil.

Self-Love Oil doesn’t just give you stronger nails, it loves (almost) every part of you. Use it to soften your cuticles, un-chap your lips, moisturise dry skin, remove lipstick, and even mascara. With jojoba, sweet almond and avocado oil, you can mix it with your foundation to boost your face, or add to your cheeks for a dewy glow. Use it on the regular and like Britney, feel 'stronger than yesterday' - every day. This formula contains 99% naturally sourced ingredients.

How to use: For dry skin, apply liberally over the affected area every two-hours or until soothed and smooth. For nails, apply a generous coat over each nail and cuticle and gently massage in small, circular motions moving towards your hand. For best results, apply daily before bed and let the oil work its magic overnight.

Rest and Repair Wonder Mask Fact: our nails grow while we’re asleep. So, while you’re in the land of nod why not take the time to protect and nourish them with this dreamy concoction of antioxidant-packed organic white tea, fermented rice, kefir, sake, lily, sweet almond and vitamin E oils. Bedtime is the perfect time to repair, regenerate and hydrate. Yawn. Containing 76% naturally sourced ingredients (Smells good enough to eat, but please don't!).

All Kester Black products are cruelty-free, vegan and carbon neutral. Kester Black are a Certified B Corp!

Size: 14ml

* Kester Black is a Melbourne-based company. To ensure the highest standards in non-toxic, cruelty-free and sustainably made product, sometimes they have to take production overseas: There nail care products are made in France.

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