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Melbourne Hot Sauce 150ml


Ships in 2-3 weeks

Award Winning hot sauces hand crafted in St Kilda Melbourne using all natural ingredients with no sneaky additives, fillers or extracts.

Habanero Roja
Habanero, ginger, lemon juice, spices, vinegar. HOT

Habanero Mango
Habanero, mango, orange, spices, vinegar. HOT

Tomatillo Jalapeno
Tomatillo, jalapeno, lime, coriander, cumin, garlic, cider, vinegar. MILD HEAT

Chipotle BBQ
Tomato, molasses, chipotle, worcestorshire, honey, cider, vinegar, garlic, mustard, spices, salt. MEDIUM HEAT

Bhut Jolokia
Bhut jolokia,citrus,fruits, vinegar, spices, salt EXTRA HOT

Smoked Jalapeno
Cold smoked jalapeno, cider vinegar, wild rocket, garlic, coriander seed, thyme, salt, pepper, sugar. MEDIUM HEAT

150ml glass bottle with screw top lid



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