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Melbourne Hot Sauce 150ml


Ships in 2-3 weeks

Award Winning hot sauces hand crafted in St Kilda Melbourne using all natural ingredients with no sneaky additives, fillers or extracts.

Habanero Roja- Habanero, ginger, lemon juice, spices, vinegar. HOT

Habanero Mango- Habanero, mango, orange, spices, vinegar. HOT

Tomatillo Jalapeno- Tomatillo, jalapeno, lime, coriander, cumin, garlic, cider, vinegar. MILD HEAT

Chipotle BBQ- Tomato, molasses, chipotle, worcestorshire, honey, cider, vinegar, garlic, mustard, spices, salt. MEDIUM HEAT

Bhut Jolokia- Bhut jolokia,citrus,fruits, vinegar, spices, salt EXTRA HOT

Smoked Jalapeno- Cold smoked jalapeno, cider vinegar, wild rocket, garlic, coriander seed, thyme, salt, pepper, sugar. MEDIUM HEAT



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