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Bikes Socks
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Bikes Socks

Otto and Spike
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The delightful print on Otto and Spike Bikes Socks was inspired by composer Sir Edward Elgar who, in the summer of 1900, began to venture out on long rides in the countryside, returning with inspired new melodies and orchestral tunes. Elgar's Royal Sunbeam bicycle (affectionately named Mr Phoebus) is the model for the bicycle on this so-Melbourne ode to rainy days, bike-friendly streets and a love of the creative life.
The BikeS socks and Bikes Scarf was designed by Australian born, Californian based creative Amber B.


Otto and Spike make all of their knitwear from a small factory in East Brunswick. A true Aussie-battler story, the Otto and Spike label was born when a 50-year-old East Brunswick textile producer realised that they could no longer compete with cheap offshore competitors. Their response? To cut out the middle-man, become their own customer, and design and produce products for their own brand-new label! 

Otto and Spike make a super amazing 100% Aussie product using new and original machinery, and often repurpose high-quality Australian yarns - which would otherwise be discarded as surplus - to make their distinctive, super-quality knitwear. Melbournalia stocks a range of Otto and Spike products including socks, blankets, hats and scarves. 

To purchase a pair of these cotton socks is to take home a piece of honest-to-goodness Melbourne history*, as well as to support Australia's small-but-still-thriving manufacturing industry!

Material(s): 60% cotton, 40% nylon/lycra

Sizing: Unisex. See comparison chart below to find your fit. 

Otto and Spike socks are machine washable. 

2-8 35-40 21-26
7-11 38-42 23-27
11-14 42-49 27-31

*In the 'seventies, before they were named 'Otto and Spike', the company created custom cardigans for Melbourne's Sharpie subculture - the stylish but troublesome youth gangs that fascinated Aussie photographer Rennie Ellis. You can see Rennie Ellis' irreverent photographs reproduced on all of our Kleins body products.


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