McFadyen Picnic Rug


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When the world starts getting you down - head for the park! There's nothing better than lolling about under green leaves, or catching a spot of sun while the dogs and children cause chaos on someone else's turf, and Otto and Spike's McFadyen picnic rug is tailor-made to make your time in the sun as comfy as possible!

Made from 100% surplus (vintage!) Australian Shetland wool, this rug is hardy enough to hand-down through the generations, special enough to treasure, and with a moisture-proof backing, your lounging will be done with perfect comfort!

Otto and Spike make all of their knitwear from a small factory in East Brunswick. A true Aussie-battler story, the Otto and Spike label was born when a 50-year-old East Brunswick textile producer realised that they could no longer compete with cheap offshore competitors. Their response? To cut out the middle-man, become their own customer, and design and produce products for their own brand-new label! 

Otto and Spike make a super amazing 100% Aussie product using new and original machinery, and often repurpose high-quality Australian yarns - which would otherwise be discarded as surplus - to make their distinctive, super-quality knitwear. Melbournalia stocks a range of Otto and Spike products including socks, blankets, hats and scarves. 

To purchase a McFayden Picnic Rug is to take home a piece of honest-to-goodness Melbourne history, as well as to support Australia's small-but-still-thriving manufacturing industry!

Dimensions (cm): Approx. 160 x 160

*Please Note- Otto and Spike proudly use surplus yarns for their picnic rugs, lending them real character and a unique style. As a consequence, the colours of the rugs will change as each vintage yarns run out. When you purchase a rug you will be sent the available rug of the colour family chosen, but it will not perfectly match the image shown on our website. Thanks for your understanding!


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