New Light, New Existent 2020 Pasteup

New Light, New Existent 2020 Pasteup

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Transform your space with a genuine, fresh-off-the-press Melbourne Street Art  Paste-Up hot from the hands of a local artist! Because all Pasteup’s art is reproduced under licence, your purchase of an A0 size paper pasteup won’t just lend your courtyard intrigue and class, but will support the work of Melbourne’s emerging street scene! Transform kitchens, hallways, teenage bedrooms and bare lounge-room walls in minutes with these innovative, high impact and user-friendly artworks. There’s no better Chrissy gift (or souvenir) for your street-art obsessed gran. 

Pasteup was started to celebrate and promote Melbourne’s vibrant street art scene, as well as to provide access to financial opportunities and new ways to show work for both experienced and emerging street artists. Pasteup’s Licensing Agreement means each artist earns a percentage of every sale: Taking home your own pasteup helps support our artists and share Pasteup’s love of street art.

“New Light, New Existent” 2020 by ASTRAL NADIR (Instagram: @astral_nadir)

As above so below, from within as without. An ageless alchemical mantra which rings through the work of Astral Nadir, Melbourne based Artist // Mystic // Philosopher, whose street works are chiefly intuitively borne sigils, representing more to the eye of the beholder than to the mediation of the artist. Primordial and eternal, the symbols seek correspondence with the immediate environment and bleed into the broader range of one’s own psychology in time and space.”

Material(s): Black and white print on paper. 

Dimensions (cm): 84.1 (width) x 118.9 (height) - 'A0' paper size.  

* Local Melbourne artist. 

* Instructions for use: See PASTEUP pack for details after purchase.

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