Coffee Pods Pack of 10


Ships in 2-3 weeks

10 biodegradable and compostable Nespresso compatible coffee pods per pack.

Contains 100% Melbourne specialty coffee.

Bancroft: Bancroft is sourced from carefully selected microlot across Nascer Do Sol, Brazil and Java, Indonesia.
The body and finish of this coffee is owed to the blend’s Brazilian origin, where you’ll pick up hints of Baker’s cocoa and French vanilla nougat.
To balance the cup, the Indonesian arabica was selected to offer a subtle sweetness through its pomegranate flavour notes. Overall, you’ll experience a well-balanced coffee with a strong body and finish.
If you like milk in your coffee, Bancroft is the perfect option for you.

Munro: Munro is one of our darkest blends, ideal for milk-based coffee drinkers.
Strong and easy to use, its Nicaraguan arabica offers a mild acidity and thick body through rich notes of chocolate and hazelnut.
To balance and complement the cup, 40% of the blend is sourced from Sidamo, Ethiopia; an area known to produce coffee with sweeter notes of panela and dried fruits. 

Fasoli: A modern and bright tasting blend, Fasoli brings together arabica beans from three different countries to provide the perfect balance of flavours.
You’ll notice notes of dark fruit such as plum and berries that form the cup’s body, whilst simultaneously adding citric acidity for balance. Responsible for this are the beans sourced from Sidamo, Ethiopia and Kanguka, the Western Province of Rwanda, a region known for its distinctive sweet-tasting Red Bourbon arabica varietal.
Finally, arabica sourced from Nascer Do Sol, Brazil, gives undertones of roasted nuts, caramel and cocoa that adds sweetness and a gentle finish to the cup.
Fasoli was made to be a people pleaser, as it’s flexible with or without milk.

Calexte: Bold, exotic, seductive. Calexte was created for one purpose: to bring you back wanting more.
Resulting from its Colombian origins, the body consists of delicate notes of dark toffee and a tinge of caramel. The addition of Tanzanian arabica adds to the cup’s complexity by introducing strawberry acidity and hints of pistachio for balance.
If you enjoy your coffee with milk and straight as espresso, the versatility and intensity of Calexte is an ideal choice.

Huehuetenango: Creamy vanilla and bloody orange with subtle notes of cinnamon.

Tarrazu: Red cherry and brown sugar with a raw cacao finish.

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