Beeswax Block 200g

Beeswax Block 200g

Melbourne City Rooftop Honey
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Honey bees use beeswax to build the honeycomb cells in which their young are raised, and in which they store the honey they produce after diligent hours collecting all kinds of pollen. Bees must consume 4kg of honey to make just 450g of beeswax making every block precious!

The scent of beeswax is heavenly, and with antibacterial, preservative, and restorative properties it's the gold standard for sustainable household products. Beeswax is used in almost endless ways - polishing furniture, enriching cosmetics, as a base in the most prestige of candles, and as the star material in the beeswax food-wraps that now replace plastic-wrap in so many Melbourne homes. The scent and lustre of a piece of furniture freshly polished with beeswax are incomparable.

Rooftop Honey beeswax blocks are a side-product of the fabulous Rooftop Honey project that situates beehives on rooftops and in gardens all over Melbourne city. This is truly a Melbourne made product, and by purchasing it you're helping increase the biodiversity and health of Melbourne's green spaces.

Material(s) Pure Melbourne beeswax cloth-filtered for purity. Each block is wrapped in a drawstring calico bag for easy transport and storage.  

Dimensions (cm): 12.2 x 5.5 x 4.5

Weight (kg): 0.70

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