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Contemporary Australian design meets traditional Japanese craftsmanship with Skimming Stones' collection of Australian bird plates. Designed in Melbourne and produced in collaboration with the 400-year-tradition of master artisans in Arita, Japan, these plates are a beautiful symbol of Melbourne's international demographic, and local eye for design.

Each Skimming Stones plate is individually packaged in an exquisitely considered, jewellery-quality presentation box. Every plate includes an insert describing the history and significance of the item's design. Skimming stones plates are a lightweight and practical size - perfect for display or for serving - and an ideal solution for gifts that require posting or packing. 

Each bird represents a state of Australia.

Black Swan

Nomadic and monogamous, the Black Swan is widely referenced in Australian culture, whilst holding spiritual significance in the traditional histories of many Aboriginal people across Southern Australia. The Black Swan is the state emblem for Western Australia. They were introduced into Europe in the late 1800s as ornamental birds.

Helmeted Honeyeater

A critically endangered bird with a distinct yellow 'helmet', the Helmeted Honeyeater exists in the wild only in Victoria, and in dwindling numbers despite great lengths being taken to bring them back from the brink of extinction. These little beauties are Victoria's state emblem. 

Gang-Gang Cockatoo

Seen in mostly Alpine regions of Australia, Gang-Gangs are rather small for cockatoos. The male has a red head contrasted with grey body. Their call is said to resemble a creaky gate or a wine bottle being opened. These beautiful birds are the state emblem for the ACT.

Laughing Kookaburra

The largest member of the kingfisher family, kookaburras are renowned for their call that resembles an echoing human laugh. Kookaburras can be seen in a wide variety of environments and they are the bird emblem for NSW. The name comes from Wiradhuri, a traditional Aboriginal language. 


Well known for their ritualised and majestic courtship displays, the brolga, also known as the Australian crane, is the official bird emblem of the state of Queensland. Brolgas are non-migratory, occupying wetlands, reservoirs and lakes. Brolgas are partners for life, gathering together in their family groups to form large flocks.

Piping Shrike

A common sight in South Australia, the piping shrike, or white backed magpie, is easily recognisable by its black and white plumage. It is the bird emblem of South Australia. Adapted to the urban environment the piping shrike has a sweet and melodious song. The female shrike is fearless in defending her nest and young, known for swooping and diving at potential intruders during the nesting season.

Wedge Tailed Eagle

With a wingspan of up to 2.8 m, the wedge-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey in Australia. They are efficient gliders, soaring effortlessly for hours on end on thermal currents and ascending to great heights. They often prey on roadkill but also have a taste for wallabies, dogs, lambs, and even kangaroos. With a distinctive wedge-shaped tail, the bird is an emblem of the Northern Territory.

Yellow Wattlebird

The yellow wattlebird is Australia’s largest honeyeaters and is native to Tasmania. They are named after the wattles in the corners of their mouths. Often described to sound similar to a person coughing or vomiting, they are found in mountain shrubberies and open woodlands, particularly amongst eucalypts and banksias from which they feed on. They are a common sight in urban parks and gardens.

Material(s): Traditional cobalt-glazed Arita porcelain.

Dimensions (cm): 15 (diameter)

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