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Whether it's the squeak of the steel crown spinning on a windy night, the joy of holding on to one of the long arms while your gran pushed you round in an improvised carnival ride, or just the sight of the washing being pegged out on a sunny day, memories of the Hills Hoist capture something essential of Aussie summers past. 

The Hills Hoist was the brainchild of Lance Hill, who originally built and sold his 'big metal tree' of a clothesline from his own back yard. Peaking in popularity in the '60s during the housing boom after the Second World War, by the 1980's Australia's newly cosmopolitan and affluent young families began to see the Hills Hoist as an eyesore. A 'big metal tree' uprooted and waiting for a hard-rubbish collection - concrete foundation still clinging to it's base - became a common sight on suburban nature strips. 

Skimming Stones' homage to this vanishing staple of the Aussie home and imagination is a great gift for lovers of Australian design, or for anyone who ever had a ride on the arm of a Hills Hoist on a hot summer evening. 

Complementing contemporary Australian design with traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Skimming Stones' porcelain plates are designed in Melbourne and produced in collaboration with the 400-year-tradition of master artisans in Arita, Japan. These plates are a beautiful symbol of Melbourne's international demographic, and local eye for design.

Each Skimming Stones plate is individually packaged in an exquisitely considered, jewellery-quality presentation box. Every plate includes an insert describing the history and significance of the item's design. Skimming stones plates are a lightweight and practical size - perfect for display or for serving - and an ideal solution for gifts that require posting or packing. 

Material(s): Traditional cobalt-glazed Arita porcelain.

Dimensions (cm): 15 (diameter)

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