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He Loves Melbourne and the World Loves Him Back

Supplier Story: Chris Cincotta, Humans in Melbourne / Melbourne I Love You

Here is a good-news story about the combination of resilience and community minded compliance in Melbourne that has seen us through a very tough time.


This article How resilience and compliance saw Melbourne through another lockdown, Bianca Hall, The Age (Saturday 20/02/21 features our very own Chris Cincotta from Humans in Melbourne / Melbourne I Love You. Chris is not only a super talented photographer who has published a couple of great books (and has more in the pipeline) not to mention his timely and pleasantly time-consuming Melbourne jigsaw puzzles, he has proven himself as somewhat of a philosopher and community life coach over the last 12 months. His social media posts have been shared millions (yep, we said millions) of times worldwide, spreading his unique brand of positivity, pride of place (ie. Melbourne of course), candour, compassion, community and... love.  

We think is it’s what we all need - right?



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