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What's Cooking in Early Autumn in Melbourne?

Supplier Story: Rachel Pitts, The Fruitful Kitchen

Rachel Pitts is a food journalist, blogger, passionate gardener and fabulous cook.

She is a proud western suburbs resident who claims that, when COVID hit, she felt luckier than ever to be part of a diverse, multicultural community. 

“As restaurants closed and we had to stick to our homes and neighbourhoods for months, I relished all the magical little food shops and groceries that stayed open” The Fruitful Kitchen

Recently Rachel made a short video about living and cooking in Footscray. It's a fabulous 'cook's tour' that features Asian grocers, Ethiopian bakers and a long-established store full of spices, pulses, nuts and Middle Eastern ingredients as well as the wonderful Footscray Market.


She also demonstrates how to whip up her version of Vietnamese pancakes... all set to the music of her hubby's band The Woodland Hunters .


It's getting cooler in Marvellous Melbourne in March but there may still be some late summer tomatoes to use up Greek-style stuffed tomatoes anyone? This delightfully simple and delicious recipe is one among many on Rachel's website to inspire any home cook to seasonal greatness.


This series of four Seasonal Food Melbourne cookbooks by Rachel Pitts is a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of the season at home. 

‘Autumn’ features; Figs with Nepali coconut semolina | Tomato sambal to stash in the freezer for the best stir-fries | A pumpkin pizza you may not have met before | Sri Lankan beetroot curry | A three ingredient ‘cake’ of apples and limes... WOW!

Each (mostly) vegetarian cookbook begins with brunch and ends with dessert - which sounds to us like a delicious autumnal weekend challenge. Try it!

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