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Forca garden fork


Ships in 2-3 weeks

Designed and made in West Melbourne by Grafa. This garden fork has a bronze tool head, copper ferrule and a kiln dried spotted gum hardwood timber handle

Designed for digging in established garden beds or courtyard/ balcony gardens. Ideal for lifting potato crops, remove weeds and transplant small- medium sized plants. Also good for working in organic fertilizers, compost and manure

The timber handle has been oiled for UV protection

Grafa keep sustainablility at the forefront of their designs with their materials reflecting this ethos. Most of the copper used is upcycled, reclaimed tubing, and is infinitely recyclable. Even new copper contains 50 percent recycled copper. The timber handles are Corymbia Maculata, a species of Spotted Gum Eucalypt, chosen specifically because it doesn't splinter. The Spotted Gum comes from native, renewable, and sustainably managed forests on the East Coast of Australia

Dimensions (mm): 

Length: 295

Handle: 150 x 25

Weight: 250 grams


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