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Lodwick©ampbell Postcard
Lodwick©ampbell Postcard
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Lodwick©ampbell Postcard

Lodwick Campbell
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This gloriously kitsch postcard features the pioneering 1980s work of Judith Lodwick and Eliza Campbell. 

With roots in Dadaism, Pop Art, and the Conceptual Art movement, Lodwick and Campbell made work in multiples as a way to diminish the 'aura' of art, make it available and take fine art down from it's pedestal. 

Lodwick and Campbell's technicolour prints feature kitsch and knowing appropriations of Australian advertising imagery and iconography. 

This bonza little postcard comes from their 1988 'multiples' work, printed on '100% dirty linen': "Older Than the Hills" 

Material: Light card.

Dimensions: 10.5 x 14.8 (approximate size).

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