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1894 Tea Towel


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Melbourne, 1894: the city had become one of the largest in the world, rivalling New York and London in size and wealth. The Gold Rush of the 1850s set this growth in motion and by the 1880s, Melbourne’s population had doubled its population in just 10 years. The city was booming!

Alas, this boom was to come to an end and by 1894, Melbourne was in the midst of an economic depression. But thanks to its rapid growth, the city had a shiny new network of roads, railways and services.

This map tells the story of Melbourne on the rise and fall: a city that always bounces back no matter what challenges it faces along the way. We love this city!

You’ll find your linen tea towel quite stiff at first. This is what makes it great for printing. It will soften after a few washes, and it may shrink a little. Linen’s absorbency improves over time. Best of all, it doesn’t leave pills on your glassware or cutlery! 

Designed by Michael Brady for Melbournalia.

For best results, wash your tea towel in a cold cycle on your machine with other similar coloured items. It’ll wrinkle in the wash, so gently pull it back in to shape before hanging it to dry on the clothesline. Iron on the reverse side of the print with a warm iron. Don’t tumble dry or dry clean. 

Material: 100% European Linen, screen printed in Melbourne, Australia

Dimensions (cm): 50 x 70

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