Colourful Language Postcard Pack


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This bonza postcard pack features images originally released as part of Ruby Mackinnon's 2018 exhibition Colourful Language, exploring favourite Aussie expressions of praise, banter, and mateship. Australian slang is also known as 'strine', and Aussies' learn its mysteries from the cradle. Having said that, 'strine' is so weird even Australians are perplexed by it sometimes.*

Ruby Mackinnon's joyful postcards bring a splash of Australian exuberance to any home and make a ripper way to send congratulations or well wishes on special occasions. 

Each pack contains four postcards with beautiful, bright images - ready to write on and pop in the post**, or frame to add a bit of Aussie vibrancy to any wall.

'Good Onya'

Meaning: Well done, can be positive or sarcastically dry.

Colour palette inspired by the Daintree Rainforest.

'You Beauty'

Meaning: Great!

Colour palette inspired by Whitehaven Beach.



Meaning: A mild expression of surprise or dismay - can be used to add emphasis. 

Colour palette inspired by the Flowering Gum.


Meaning: Australia! We love to shorten any word we can. 

Colour palette inspired by the desert under a blue sky.

Each card is printed on 100 percent recycled card, with a landscaped orientation postcard back.

* We had to look up the phrase 'neck oil' - apparently it means 'beer' :)

** Don't forget your stamp!

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